How can we bootstrap a tech culture in Chandigarh? - Entropy meet #2

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Second Entropy online meetup to catch up on what everyone has been up to, any new ideas or projects or stuff you want to share with everyone else.

Other than meet-n-greet, there is an agenda for this meet. You can read about it in the agenda section below.

Meeting structure

for 10 mins

A round of introductions from all participants.

for 50 mins

Primary purpose of this meetup is to brainstorm what we as individuals, and as a group can do to bootstrap a healthy tech culture in Chandigarh.

Tricity area, despite having a vibrant tech industry don’t have much of a tech culture. In this meetup we’ll discuss if and to what extent this statement is true, what it mean to have a tech culture, what should be the concrete goals we should set to have one, and how we can achieve those goals.

Minutes of Meeting
for 50 mins
  • Chandigarh has a culture problem which needs solved
  • We need to spread awareness about tech industry, what is available out in the world so young professionals don’t get trapped in small wells created by small people and end up getting exploited and burnt out
  • We need to encourage people to explore diverse technologies
  • We need more people in the Entropy group. There are always going to be a majority of lurkers, so we need more people to increase the probability of having a few thinkers and movers

Immediate action items:

  • Contact tech-club-leaders in local colleges regarding organizing online career counseling meetups with interested students.

    Goal is to find like minded people who can bring some activity in the group, and use the group to educate themselves and launch their careers with a better understanding of the industry

  • Start “Breaking Interviews” initiative

    An initiative to figure out how to break very flawed interview process based on competitive programming. We’ll start with having a process of doing some competitive programming in Entropy itself (have a leaderboard etc) to get to know the enemy, and then proceed to see how to do damage to the practice itself.

Future action items:

Saturday, May 7
Start Time
60 mins