First Entropy catchup meet - Entropy meet #1

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General meet-n-greet (online) event to get to know each other a little better. In this event you can share your interests (technological or otherwise), get to know the same from other members and see if you have common interests with someone you can collaborate with.

Other than meet-n-greet, there is an agenda for this meet. You can read about it in the agenda section below.

Meeting structure

for 10 mins

A round of introductions from all participants.

for 40 mins

Primary purpose of this meetup is to:

  1. Share projects want to work on, for which you’d like to have contributors.
  2. Find if anyone is starting/working-on any projects you’d like to contribute to.

There is no limit on what kind of projects these might be, but it would be a lot cooler if they have a social aspect to them, i.e projects with a goal of adding some direct positive value to society.

If you belong to #1 above, you will be given time to pitch your idea to everyone joined. When you are pitching your idea, please also mention if you are willing to mentor young’uns willing to contribute (or old’uns, anyone really. Ageism not intended).

If you belong to #2 above, you can approach the project owner right there, or after the meetup. If you think you will need some guidance before you can contribute (e.g if you are a student, or new to building software, or new to a particular technology etc), we’ll try to arrange someone to mentor you. This can be the same person who is owning a particular project, or someone else from the community who can play the role of a mentor for you.

For pitching your idea, any form of slides or something isn’t required. But please structure your thoughts such that they can be conveyed in a 10-15 minutes.

Thursday, April 7
Start Time
60 mins